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    Do you ever wonder about how an author would describe you in a novel? Not only your appearance but the way you talk and laugh and hold yourself and all the expressions on your face?

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    Why do I feel sad for no apparent reason … This sucks

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    Charming Illustrated Cinemagraphs Reflect The Idyllic Mood Of Lazy Summer Days

    by Rebecca Mock 

    You can feel each one…

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    me being antisocial (lately)

    me being antisocial (lately)

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    My favorite song on the album! Yeah I torrented it. But I preordered it anyways!

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    i get that in your 20s, you’re supposed to be a mess, regret things, experiment, don’t fall in love, do drugs, have sex, do this or that, etc. But it gets really tiring and boring after you’ve just be wandering doing shit just for the hell out of it. I mean, to each their own but fuck none of it really made me feel good for too long and left me pretty empty to just be lost in them without a care. I wasted a lot of time on things and people that weren’t worth my time when i could have been doing more fulfilling shit like reading a fucking book or being with someone i love or going to music festivals or travel. man. i guess i’m growing up then? hopefully. cause i’m so ready to be where i want to be and out of this wallowing in my pity shit

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