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    26 Years in the Making.

    Watch Jhené Aiko, along side Jeff (her guitarist ) perform a beautiful acoustic version of “Spotless Mind” for her MTV: Artist to Watch campaign, on top of a New York City with a beautiful sunset in the background.

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    I like to hangout with people that make me forget to look at my phone

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    Anonymous asked: I just wanted to know simple things like your age ad if you're single. You seem like a reall cool girl that is laid back, chill and cute.


    Long overdue… But thank you whoever you are, or if you’re still following on tumblr to this day. I’m 21. And no I’m not single. But I do appreciate the kind comments! I take it you’re pretty chill as well. I hope you’re still posting :)

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    I really need to know how to decipher if I’m sad.. or just blank

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